How do you know if your friend is a math nerd? The biggest tell-tale sign is if you’re a math nerd. Math nerds tend to congregate in herds, adopting the same strength in numbers strategy seen in nature.

Let us come to the main point: we are here to talk about the gifts suit best to a maths nerd. Of course it is a difficult task but it is also entertaining because you can find something unique to present your intellectual friend with something related to his/her favourite subject; and yes there are lots of math gift options on the internet. The following collection of ideas may help you decide on a gift…

  1. T-shirts:

If you are thinking about apparels for gift then T-shirts with maths calculations on front as well as back side will be best option. It will be a fit to budget option and the amazing tricky formula on t-shirt will make your math nerd happy. Try… the complimentary angles t-shirt. Math geeks love puns.


  1. Non Transitive Grime Dice:

This is one of the most mind twisting gifts where you have a set of dice each with unique colour that are used to play mind throbbing games. Your friend will feel great with this gift. (or frusturated)


  1. Utilities Puzzle Mug:

A maths nerd will love to spend time on solving a puzzle on 2D Euclidean shape and it becomes more interesting with utilities problem on a mug. The challenge of this puzzle is to join houses in such a way that all utilities stay connected without any crossing lines.


  1. Shapes with Constant width:

If you rotate a circle, equal width will be observed all the time but what if same thing happens with other shapes. Surely it will blow you mind, so pick set of four shapes with constant width from online store and let your math nerd face the challenge.


  1. Set game:

This is an award winning card based game that can be played by one as well as many players; you can gift it to maths geek above age six. Each card will have four unique features: shading, symbols, colour and striped or open. Trick is to collect set of cards that contains either all same features or all unique.


  1. Disco Calculator:

Maths nerds will enjoy solving equations using exclusive disco calculator; this device is perfect combination of excitement, fun and excellent computational power for solving typical mathematical equations.


  1. The famous Book: “Gamma”:

If you are looking to present an appropriate gift for your maths lover friend; this book will be perfect option. Reader will love to enjoy hour long reading with entertaining facts in this book.


  1. Prime Numbers Watch:

What can be more beautiful and attractive for a maths nerd than a watch containing prime numbers format on screen. It can be presented to math lover students as well as teachers; it possesses advanced quartz movement and synthetic wrist band.


  1. Wooden Square Root Puzzle:

This is one of the most fascinating puzzle games that work like best gift for an analytical mind. Here the hardwood base contains lots of small but geometric pieces where each piece is little swallower than previous so that it can be easily taken out. The formats vary from easier to difficult level; it is a unique gift for creating fun in life of maths geek.

  1. Classic Coffee Mug:

Mug with attractive mathematical art on outer faces are great option; online stores provide unique and beautiful collection especially designed for maths lovers.


  1. Key Chain with Pi:

One small, handy but unique gift for math lover can be a beautiful key ring that represent Pi symbol. You can also find many other maths symbols on these key chains; most affordable and lovely gift for teacher as well as friend.


  1. Cute Maths symbol Studs:

Here is one more unique gift for your friend; these unique studs with maths symbol will look amazing and they can be gifted to boys as well as girls. You can find various symbols online at great price; most preferred combination is of fine silver and sterling silver colour.


  1. Pillow with mathematical equations:

That is really funny but really unique; maths nerds will love to sleep with their favourite subject and typical calculations. Surely they will have great dreams while sleeping on this lovely pillow.


  1. Silk Bow with mathematics:

Each time a math nerd will wear this bow he will feel closer to his favourite subject; this neck tie will make wearer feel proud about his skills of mathematics.


  1. Math nerd custom planner:

This is an awesome gift for your maths teacher or nerdy friend; it incorporates weekly pages of complete one year with amazing background page colours. This planner calendar will work as most useful accessory for a maths nerd.


  1. Maths nerd wall decor:

It will find direct route to heart of a maths nerd and can be placed in maths classroom to impress your maths teacher. This wall decor is available in various sizes and colours you can select one as per choice and budget. Its print looks perfect on walls and provides rich appearance with long lasting colour.

17. Klein bottles!

The math nerd will know what these things are. (Super cool, that is)

This amazing list of gifts may solve your problem of selection; you can easily order them from online websites at very reasonable price. Surely your friend will love to have any of these because they symbolize his/her passion.

(But since you’re here, buy a t-shirt!)