sec(c) and I know it t-shirt

The inspiration came from weird places for this one. Primary inspiration came from the song I’m sexy and I know it (by LMFAO), and that’s pretty darn obvious. The secondary inspiration came to me when I was sine-ing the paper strips used to test pens at the local bookstore.

Sine-ing? What the heck is that, you ask?


v- The act of drawing a set of coordinate axes and overlaying the sine wave on top. This is usually followed by the words “I sined your paper!”.

sine wave

So yeah, that’s a weird hobby of mine that I suggest you take up as well. Its not funny at all after the second attempt but gets more and more amusing as it goes on… kind of like a sine wave… no?

I thought to myself, is there another trig related pun I can make? Cosine? (Cosine ones are usually lame) Tangent? (Have you seen my tan lines t-shirt)


I want this shirt!