Home is where the wifi connects automatically t-shirt

My old iPhone 4, at the end of its 4 year lifespan, had connected to and remembered over 600 different WiFi hotspots. There were hotspots in Toronto, across Alberta and BC, scattered in Montana and Wyoming, clustered in LA, and even distributed across France and Italy.

You learn and see things as a WiFi collector over the years. For example, all the hotel hotspots in Florence, Italy either had that pin-code printer with timed access or a long random string of numbers of letters – usually 16 characters long. French people pronounced WiFi as wee-fee, and would get visibly annoyed at the anglophone pronunciation of the word/acronym.

The “Home is where your WiFi connects automatically” t-shirt is dedicated to my fellow WiFi collectors. Theres something oddly comforting about being about to step off a plane and connect automatically to the local WiFi… almost like it’s saying ‘relax, you’re at home here.”

I want this shirt!